St. Thomas Mass of Tampere

St. Thomas Mass (= Tuomasmessu) is a Christian Communion service, run by volunteers. It started in Helsinki at the end of the 1980s, followed by Tampere in 1990. It has quickly spread into other countries as well, being popular in Germany, for instance. 

The St.Thomas Mass of Tampere is arranged in the Alexander church of Tampere (= Aleksanterin kirkko) approximately every third Sunday at 6 p.m. by dozens of volunteers, both lay persons and pastors, each time by a different set of people. It is one of the masses in the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Tampere.

All kinds of people, young and old, doubtful and faithful, distressed and joyful, believers and non-believers are welcome to attend St. Thomas Mass as their true selves. No one is excluded. People’s burdens are eased through prayer and intercession, confidential face-to-face discussions and private discussions with confessors, who are for you even one hour before the Mass up to the Holy Communion. Moreover, everybody, despite his/her denomination, is invited to serve God and other people in various roles in forthcoming masses.

Music is an integral part St. Thomas Mass. There is a lot of singing and playing throughout the Mass, performed by the Thomas Choir and Orchestra. 

St. Thomas Mass starts with a solemn procession, joyous music and a twinkle of candles, followed by a psalm text, confession of sins and absolution. Then God’s forgiveness is praised by singing.     

After that starts the prayer section. You can pray either on your own, with volunteers and pastors, by singing with others, or by moving about in the church and praying at the main altar or at the prayer altars, made by lay persons as visual expressions of their prayer. At the altars you can write down your intercessions. Some of them are prayed for in the church, others later in prayer groups.   

Then it is time for Bible reading and the sermon, followed by collection and the culmination of the Mass: the Holy Communion. Served in six places, it is easy to take part in it and be refuelled.   

After the Holy Communion God is praised for His goodness by singing and people can go home with God’s blessing with them. The Mass itself ends in the final song and a procession.

However, after the Mass tea is served in the Crypt downstairs. Everyone is welcome to chat with those present.

Please feel free to join us!